Collective Worship

As a church school we are distinctly Christian in our values and ethos. We gather together each day to take part in Collective Worship, where the children sing together, say a prayer and hear a Christian message. The children  also say a prayer before dinner in their classrooms and they end the school day with a prayer too.  Many of these prayers are written by the children themselves. We celebrate key Christian festivals in Defford church (Harvest, Christmas, Candlemas and Easter). We attend church for the first worship of each term which is led by Cannon Susan, our vicar. Parents are always welcome to join us in church.  Every fortnight we welcome our Open the Book team and the children thoroughly enjoy playing a part in their re-relling of stories from the Bible.  Every other week our church youth worker leads worship. All staff lead daily worship and children take an active part in this too. Our newly-formed Collective Worship “CREW” enjoy planning and leading worship in school and church. Parents are very welcome to join our worship each month in school on “Welcoming Wednesday”.  Parents have the right to withdraw their child from any of these daily acts of worship following a discussion with the Headteacher.

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