School Logo

Christian vision

Our school's Christian vision is "Through Faith, Friendship and Fun we Learn and Grow."  This vision permeates our school.  It is fundamental in all of our leadership decisions from the school's governors, it steers our curriculum and reveals itself through the day-to-day running of the school.  


Our vision has been chosen as we feel it allows Jesus' teachings to be used by us as a school.  We have a collection of core Christian values that we use to support our teaching.  These values of Friendship, Trust, Respect, Forgiveness, Truthfulness and Perseverance underpin our collective worship and support our vision.  


Our pupils and staff's spiritual development is also supported by our vision.  We seek to marvel at our world through all that we learn together.  We come together to celebrate all that we have and take time to consider our place in the world.  


We gather together each day to take part in Collective Worship, where the children sing, pray and hear Christian messages together.   We ensure our worship is inspired by recent events to engage our pupils in their learning and make our Christian messages relevant to all of our daily lives.  


All staff lead daily worship and children take an active part in this too. Our Collective Worship team enjoys planning and leading worship in school and church. Parents have the right to withdraw their child from any of these daily acts of worship following a discussion with the Headteacher.


We celebrate key Christian festivals (Harvest, Christmas, Candlemas and Easter) in the church of St James, Defford, which is led by Reverend Allison Davies, our vicar. Each child leaving in Year 4 is presented with a Bible from the Church.