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Future education

Children finish at Defford-cum-Besford CE First School at the end of Year 4.  Locally there is a "three-tier" school system.  Children learn through First School, then Middle School and finally High School.  

For the majority of our pupils this journey is as follows:


Defford-cum-Besford CE First School

St Barnabas CE Middle School (often referred to a Drakes Broughton)

Pershore High School


However many pupils choose alternative routes as they leave.  Other alternate schools for pupils leaving Defford include:

Orchard Primary School, Pershore

Abbey Park Middle School, Pershore
St Nicholas CE Middle School, Pershore (often referred to as Pinvin)

Kings, Worcester (independent)


These schools all offer open days, welcome meetings and transition events to support pupils from Defford-cum-Besford CE First School.  For more information on how to apply for your child's future school place please visit here: Apply for a school place | Worcestershire County Council


There is an ongoing project to move from a three-tier to a two-tier system.  This would see Defford become a Primary School, keeping children here for another 2 years so that they leave at the end of Year 6 (the end of Key Stage 2) and go directly to a Secondary School.  This project would involve many schools in the Pershore area changing and work is ongoing to achieve this.