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Supporting Families

Help and Support for Children and Families


Early Help means providing advice, help or support when there is a specific need or difficulty within a family.  


If you have a specific need or difficulty in the family please do contact us to discuss what support we can help to put in place.  


All our staff would be happy to help but some individuals that might be well placed are:

Tom Holdstock - Headteacher and Designated Safeguarding Lead

Naomi Standing - Deputy Headteacher, SENCo and vulnerable children lead

Vicki Whitehead - HLTA, Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead and Mental Health Lead


We are supported by a great collection of specialist services locally.  Worcestershire's "Early Help in Worcestershire - Support for Families" is a great place to start.


Level 1 - Universal support for all

The support we offer children in school every day through our day-to-day support.  


Level 2 - Additional in-school support, if you need something more

Some children and/or families need a little extra help at times.  We will always try to assist children and/or families that need a little extra advice or support.  This can be to help with emotional wellbeing, parenting support, vulnerabilities etc. 


Level 3 - Outside agency school, support if we cannot help

Some more complex needs of families require support from outside agencies.  We work with families and outside agencies to coordinate help.  This may include support with multiple adverse childhood experiences, risk of family breakdown, substance misuse and poor emotional and mental health.


Level 4 - Specialist support 

This is for children who require specialist interventions including:

  • Children in need, including those in need of protection
  • Children Looked After and privately fostered
  • Young people who have committed an offence
  • Children with acute mental health needs


CLICK HERE for more details on Worcestershire's levels of need.


The documents below provide more information on the Early Help offered at Defford-cum-Besford CE First School.